If You’re Looking for a Sign, Here it is

Tell-Tale Signs of a Dead or Dying Car Battery

The restaurant you chose for dinner is 15 miles from your house—and 10 miles from where your car is currently sitting, stuck on the side of the road. You’re hungry, in a rush to make the dinner reservations, and stranded with an immovable vehicle—all because of a dead car battery.

The rumbles emanating from your growling stomach serve as a reminder that you can’t continue to sit in your car, wallowing over the frustration this hindrance has put on your night out. Instead, you must find a way to get moving again, quickly.

Thanks to Atlas Towing’s battery replacement and installation services, your vehicle is just one call away from getting you back en route to make those dinner reservations.

Battery Lifespan 101

Typically, car batteries have a projected lifespan of about five years. However, most batteries’ average lifespan is only two to three years. In fact, the more battery-operated vehicular accessories that are used, the less likely that the battery will reach the lifespan warranty that was once projected.

Optimally, you should replace your battery before problems occur—either by its five-year mark or before it displays evident signs of failure. An old or dying battery can rack up big repair bills and has increased potential to die at the most inopportune times. So, avoid this hindrance by checking the battery’s wellbeing on a routine basis.

Warning: The End is Near

Battery failure is the number one cause for car breakdowns, meaning that there’s a high chance your car’s battery will leave you stranded on the side of the road at some point in your lifetime—unless, of course, you are observant and proactive with its replacement needs.

Making a conscious effort to recognize the signs of a dying battery can effectively halt your vehicle’s battery from dying before it gets a chance to stop you.

Common warning signs include:

  • Your car’s age. Keep a form of documentation that specifies the date that your car’s battery was last replaced. If this knowledge isn’t readily available, don’t fret. Most car batteries have the last battery installation date indicated directly on them.
  • Pay close attention to how the car sounds when turning on the engine. Sputtering or clicking noises are a good indication that there’s battery trouble ahead.
  • Look out for dimming headlights. The presence of fading headlights when turning the engine on, or briefly thereafter, indicates that the battery is on its last leg.
  • Observe the efficiency of the vehicle’s electrical accessories. If the radio, headlights, heating/cooling system or power windows appear sluggish or lessen in function, consider yourself forewarned: the end of the vehicle’s battery is near.
  • The dashboard indicator lights are there for a reason. So, be sure to pay attention to them.
  • Visually inspect your car’s battery, often. The physical appearance of a battery can indicate where it stands within the timeline of its lifespan. Look for strange residue on the battery, the appearance of wear and tear, or unsettling smells.
  • Schedule routine car battery checks. Make it a habit now, before it’s too late.

The Ultimate Battle: Atlas vs. a Dying Car Battery

At Atlas Towing, our team is comprised of experts in the towing and vehicle servicing industry, who are dedicated to continually exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Operating as a 24/7 towing and servicing company, you can rest assured that Atlas will always be there for you. We arrive to your location promptly, service your vehicle’s battery efficiently, and get you back on route to your destination swiftly—any day, any time.

We added our battery delivery, replacement and installation services to our already extensive roster of amenities to accommodate our customers’ abundant need for battery assistance. Yet, unlike other companies’ battery replacement services, Atlas doesn’t simply jump-start a vehicle’s battery to find a temporary fix to the current problem at hand. Instead, we look to alleviate the situation, once and for all, by finding a long-lasting solution.

With Atlas Towing’s mobile battery replacement services, you can expect:

  • Prompt, on-the-spot service
  • 90-second battery and system test
  • Proper removal and recycling of your old battery
  • Installation of a high quality battery from Exide
  • 40-month free replacement warranty

Atlas Towing: The Bay Area’s Best for All Battery Assistance Needs

Whether you’re stranded on the side of the road or you’re looking for preventative battery services, you can count on Atlas to provide reliable battery delivery, replacement and installation services for your fast-paced life. We work hard to keep a quick response time, without hindering the reliability and quality of our services. That’s why we have successfully kept traffic moving since 1920. When it comes to battery services, raise your expectations—choose Atlas Towing.

To schedule a free battery test or to request our assistance, call us at 1.800.300.5166 to speak with a live dispatcher today!