Our Service Areas

Proudly Serving the San Francisco Bay Area

Atlas Towing is among a small number of towing companies whose services cover an extensive portion of the San Francisco Bay Area, including San Francisco, East Bay, South Bay and North Bay. By strategically positioning our trucks each day, we are able to ensure that our team will consistently provide prompt, exceptional service.

Providing Service Throughout California

  • San Francisco
  • San Mateo County
  • Oakland
  • East Bay

Extending Our Reach

For us, our customers’ satisfaction outweighs our pride. If a scenario arises in which we are unable to provide our standard of quality service, we will reach out to affiliate towing companies in Northern California to help us refer you to a reputable towing company that can suitably provide vehicle assistance.

Our hope is that delivering this helpful service will protect our customers from the risk of encountering a potentially undependable and unreliable towing company. To further facilitate this service, we will provide our loyal customers’ exclusive account billing information to the affiliate tow company to prevent them from taking part in the on-site payment scramble.

Service Area