Battery Basics & Testing

Battery Replacement Basics

Atlas Towing doesn’t simply jump-start a vehicle’s battery to find a temporary fix to the current problem. Instead, we look to alleviate the situation and find a long-lasting solution. Through our mobile battery service, our team will diagnose the reason behind the battery’s failure, and then repair or replace the battery, on the spot, with a 40-month warranty on all battery replacements.

From your driveway, to your office’s parking lot, to the side of a local road, our team will always come to you, regardless of the breakdown location. While on-site, our experts will evaluate the battery’s current condition, and run diagnostics of the battery, the starting and charging system, all through a 90-second battery and system test. Even more, we will clean terminals when unnecessary corrosion hinders the battery’s performance, and replace the battery on the spot. It’s that simple.

On-The-Spot Testing

Our car battery and electrical system test efficiently shows detailed results of the car’s overall wellbeing in just 90-seconds with an easy-to-read display that ranks the results, and allows for instant and facilitated email sharing of the findings.

The test results include:Battery Test

  • Current voltage on the battery
  • Health of the battery
  • Cranking health
  • Charging system health

Car Batteries 101

Car batteries are similar to cell phone batteries; as they age, they lose their ability to hold a charge. Even though the performance of modern car batteries has improved over the years, it remains extremely difficult to predict a battery’s definitive lifespan. Nowadays, car owners have developed an unfortunate tendency of disregarding their car battery’s condition until it’s too late. With the presence of various electronics in cars these days, a healthy battery is critical to our busy lives.

At Atlas Towing, we suggest that car owners change their disposition and begin checking their car battery on a regular basis.

Here are some key signs that indicate a car battery’s need for service:

  • Know your car’s age. Keep a form of documentation that specifies the date that the car’s battery was last replaced. If this knowledge isn’t readily available, don’t fret. Most car batteries will have the last battery installation date indicated directly on it.
  • Get a free battery test from Atlas Towing, where we will assess and indicate the vehicle’s need for a battery replacement or repair.
  • Pay close attention to how the car sounds when turning on the engine. Listen for the presence of a sputter or clicking noise. If this occurs, it’s a good indication of impending battery trouble.
  • Look out for dimming headlights. If a faulty battery is present, the car’s headlights will fade when the engine is turning on, or briefly thereafter.
  • Observe the efficiency of the vehicle’s electrical accessories. If the radio, headlights, heating/cooling system or power windows appear sluggish or lessen in function, be forewarned. A common example of this can be seen when the power windows start rolling up or down slower than normal, or when they completely stop working altogether.
  • The dashboard indicator lights are there for a reason: pay attention to them.
  • Visually inspect your car’s battery, often. Strange residue on the battery, the appearance of wear and tear, or unsettling smells can reveal the battery’s age and the presence of its declining efficiency.
  • Schedule routine car battery checks. Make it a habit now, before it’s too late.